Summer Institute on Tenure Professional Advancement

The Summer Institute on Tenure and Professional Advancement (SITPA) at Duke University is an initiative through which select junior faculty receive knowledge, advice, and guidance on how to be successful in the quest for tenure. Supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, SITPA is predicated on the principle that tenure and professional advancement are the linchpins for increasing the number of minority faculty in U.S. colleges and universities. Attaining tenure is one of the most important and visible signs of success and accomplishment for faculty in U.S. colleges and universities. It also allows faculty to become long-term stakeholders in their institution, who help shape the institution’s mission, curriculum, student body, and faculty.


The SITPA Fellowship is a two-year program that includes:

– A required 3 day workshop on earning tenure, held on Duke’s campus August 9-12, 2015
– 24 months of mentoring from a senior faculty in your discipline
– Consultations on select research and/or teaching projects
– Teaching and Research Grants

At the beginning of the first year, fellows attend a 3 day workshop held on the campus of Duke University. The workshop combines interactive panel discussions, directed research assignments, and individual sessions with a senior faculty mentor. The objective is to provide fellows with some of the information, strategies, and skills needed to facilitate the transition from junior faculty status to tenured associate professor.

Projects and Mentoring
SITPA fellows will be matched with a senior faculty mentor from their discipline and from a college or university other than their own, but one with the same Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching classification. Fellows, in consultation with their mentor will identify two specific research or teaching-related projects (journal article, book chapter, manuscript prospectus, grant proposal, teaching portfolio, etc.) on which the fellow will work for the 2-year fellowship period. The projects will be selected on the basis of the expectations and requirements for tenure at the fellows’ college or university, and on the basis of general tenure expectations in the fellow’s discipline.SITPA Fellows are required to meet with their mentor for a minimum of 1.5 hours a month for 24 consecutive months, via an online electronic meeting platform, to discuss and receive feedback on the research or teaching projects.

Teaching and Research Grants
In addition to lodging and travel expenses for the summer workshop, fellows will receive a $750 grant to further their research and or teaching activities after completing one of the research or teaching-related projects, and after meeting all other program requirements. Fellows will receive an additional $750 grant upon completing the second project.

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