2017 Fort Pillow Commemoration

Dr. Bobby Lovett Gives Historical Eulogy at 2017 Fort Pillow Memorial #BlackHistoryMatters:

The Amazing Deborah Thomas Sings “Move On Up A Little Higher at Dr. Brewster’s Old Church:

Bro. Jeffrey Jones’ Fort Pillow Decoded Presentation #WeRememberFortPillow:

Judge Joe Brown’s Fort Pillow Decoded Presentation: MOOR On Nathan Bedford Forrest:

Sis Elaine Turner’s Fort Pillow Decoded Making The Case Against Nathan Bedford Forrest:

Bro Ron’s Fort Pillow Decoded Presentation:  There’s Something About Nathan Bedford Forrest:

(Jackie Murray hosted the Fort Pillow Massacre Panel Discussion)
Fort Pillow & Nathan Bedford Forrest Decoded Q & A with Judge Joe Brown:

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