11 thoughts on “Future Themes”

    1. We have not produced the executive summary, but we are joining the National Park Service as it celebrates its centennial in 2016. Many people are unaware that many sites such as Booker T. Washington’s birthplace, Frederick Douglass’ home, Col. Young’s House, and many other sites are African American heritage sites. So the theme is about sites of memory, the physical places that are important in African American history, which would include many other places that are not part of the National Park Service. For instance, there are many neighborhoods, such as Bronzeville in Chicago, that would be considered a site of memory.


  1. For our Black History Month exhibits, we decided to honor our local African American churches and their history/significance in Black History in our Parish. Hallowed Grounds, as in Hallowed: “honor as holy”.


  2. Each year we have a month long celebration of events. This year we paid homage to Orange Mound in Memphis, TN. Orange Mound was the first neighborhood in the nation built by African Americans who owned their own homes. It began in the 1890’s from the former Deadrick Plantation and thus named from inedible orange trees grew on the grounds. My family lived in this proud community where there were schools, churches, shopping centers, doctors and dentist offices, restaurants, mom and pop sundry’s you name it. It was self-contained. It is commonly thought that Harlem, USA is the first, however Harlem residents lived in tenements, not family homes and was not built by African Americans. Look it up, you’ll find out something you never knew!! Just so you know, there is NO alumni like the ones from the community school Melrose High ………ask anyone who lives in Memphis, TN!!!!


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