Criteria for Executive Council Members

Association for the Study of African American Life and History


Dear ASALH Member:

The Nominating Committee of ASALH seeks nominations for the Executive Council, Class of 2020. Nominations are due by April 14, 2017, in the ASALH office, Howard Center, 2225 Georgia Avenue, N.W., Suite 331, Washington, D.C. 20059. Nominations may be sent electronically to the Chair of the Nominating Committee at under the subject heading “Executive Council Nominations.”

The Executive Council sets the policy direction for ASALH and is responsible for carrying out the mission of the organization and ensuring its fiscal soundness. A new class of eight members is elected each year to serve a three-year term.

Criteria for Executive Council Membership include:

-A member in good standing and paying into a life membership. If the person is already a life member, he/she will contribute annually at the Heritage level.

-A member who is willing to support the Black History Luncheon in Washington, D.C. by contributing $300 and by selling tickets and advertisements.

-A member who is willing to support the development and distribution of the Black History Month Theme products.

-A member who is willing to attend, at his/her own expense, at least two of the Executive Council meetings held in February (in Washington, DC), June ( in Washington, DC), and September at the annual meeting of the Association.

-A member who has the time to serve on the Executive Council by attending live as well as virtual meetings, and by participating in committee work. This service averages about ten hours per month.

-A member who is willing to contribute at least $1000 to the Association’s Annual Fund.

-A member who has the ability to generate corporate and community partnerships to further the mission and vision of ASALH.

This year, ASALH is seeking candidates with specific expertise or significant experience in the following areas: Attorney(s) specializing in intellectual property, non-profit, contract, and/or human relations law; marketing personnel; scholars willing to work on the Association’s publications; an accountant and/or individuals with financial background and training.

Interested persons should submit a Nominations form.

Thank you for your continued support of ASALH.


Barbara Spencer Dunn and Dr. Janet Sims-Wood, Co-Chairs ASALH Nominating Committee

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